Friend of Sight ( দৃষ্টি বন্ধু ) FoS

Do you want to become self-sufficient by dedicating yourself to eye health care? Join Deep Eye Care Foundation’s Friend of Sight (FoS) today and become a successful vision nurse.

In most of the villages of Bangladesh, the number of doctors is insignificant. In particular, there are not enough doctors to provide eye care services. Patients often go to the village doctor or pharmacy for eye problems and take medicine to talk about their problems. Taking medication directly without a prescription should not be taken lightly, as it is more likely to be missed diagnosed. Eye patients can access eye doctors’ advice using Internet technology through the Dristi Bondhu application. Since not everyone in the village has an Android phone or internet, you can use the smartphone or tab to talk to the patient directly with our Doctors via video call. You will also get a digital prescription as per the advice. This will benefit the patient as well as you will get your dividend. By becoming a Friend of Site (FoS) you can become self-sufficient by engaging yourself in eye health care.

Details on how to become a member of Friend of Sight (FoS) and its terms will be announced shortly